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  • Delhi is a Capital of India, is one of India’s most visited cities. A Number of Tourists and Travelers like to visit Delhi because it not just a capital of India but The Reason is, In Delhi there are too many Historical places which enhance the beauty of Delhi. Or we can say it is truly a place where they can experience India.

    Delhi is teeming with ancient tombs and ruins. Along with car-thronged avenues, brilliant billboards and roadside elephant traffic, they are the essence of the city’s diverse culture and personality.

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    There are so many things to do and places to see. Here are some List of best Tourist Places in Delhi are given below:

    • RED FORT

      Delhi tourist places - delhi red fort

      Red Fort symbolizes the era of Mughal rule in India. The Red Fort, built in (1638-1648) in almost 20 year ,by the Shahjahan, who shifted his capital from Agra to Delhi had a great significance in historical Delhi,Red Fort is a magnificent monument that captivates your attention and exhibits the show of architectural splendor of Mughals.

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      Delhi tourist places - delhi humayun tomb

      Humayun’s Tomb not the iconic image of Delhi but but unarguably the most splendid work of Mughal Architecture in the capital. Built in the year 1570, Humayun’s Tomb is a monument built by Queen Haji Begum, widow of Humayun.Humayun’s Tomb is UNESCO recognised World Heritage Site and definitely tops the list of must visit places.

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      Delhi tourist places - delhi gandhi smriti

      Gandhi Smriti is the precise spot where Mahatma Gandhi a spiritual leader who we say as the Father of the Nation, was assassinated on January thirty, 1948. He lived in the house for 144 days up till the time of his death.and therefore the prayer ground where he held a mass congregation every evening are each open to the general public.Here are a lots of photos, sculptures, paintings, and inscriptions display on display.

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      Delhi tourist places - delhi lotus temple

      The Bahai Temple is commonly referred to as the Lotus Temple, because of its shape as lotus flower. Lotus Temple is one of the remarkable architectures of Bahai faith. Lotus symbolizes four religions namely Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Jainism. It is located at Kalkaji in New Delhi. The place provides immaculate environment for meditation, peace and wisdom. The Bahai temple structure was completed completed in 1986.

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      Delhi tourist places - delhi khan market

      Khan market is small but one the top posh shopping areas in Delhi.It is a U-shaped establish market.Khan market is also known food point which is totally surround with shops, best boutiques and top class lifestyle stores for shopping centers,and branded cloths showrooms.Here are you can enjoy delicious famous recipes of Delhi at cafe ,street food cornersand restaurants.

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      Delhi tourist places - delhi akshardham temple

      Swaminarayan Akshardham in New delhi One of the modern marvels of architecture,it epitomizes 10,000 years of Indian culture in all its breathtaking grandeur, beauty, wisdom and bliss .The architecture and design of this temple complex is a manifestation of the time tested ancient traditions of Hindu culture, beliefs and spirituality which has percolated down the ages.

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      Delhi tourist places - delhi birla temple

      Lakshmi Narayan Temple also called as Birla Mandir which is located in Delhi which is magnificent temple and a most important Tourism Center Which is developed by BD Birla in 1938 in Connaught Place’s west direction,was built in 1938 by BD Birla, a prominent industrialist .The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his consort, Goddess Lakshmi.

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      Delhi tourist places - delhi iskcon temple

      ISKCON TEMPLE is also called the Hare Krishna temple,as name suggested it is famous temple of Sri Sri Radha Krishna,is another best tourist place in Delhi.The distinctive architecture of ISKCON show the traditional Vedic style with modern style. Temple is built with red Stone. Its is located in South Delhi.


      Delhi tourist places - delhi jama masjid

      Jama Masjid a largest mosque in India,another marvelous treasure of the Old City on the other side of road to the Red Fort, was built by the great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Strated in 1644 and completed finally in 1658 it took 13 year approx., at a cost of 10 lakh rupees, there are 3 gateways, 4 angle towers and two 40 m high minarets. Its is the finest Specimen of Mughal structure, its notable features are its bold treatment in red sandstone inlaid with black and white marble, spacious courts, massive pillars supporting engrailed arches, elegant bulbous domes - all well proportioned with decorative manipulation.

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      Delhi tourist places - delhi lodhi gardens

      Lodi Gardens are one of the pleasantest green spaces in Delhi, provides a serene retreat from city life, and is the place to come if you're feeling tired and worn out. The area was used as a burial for Delhi's (pre-Mughal) Sayyid and Lodi rulers. The vast Gardens were built by the British in 1936 around the tombs of 15th and 16th century rulers ,young couples all enjoy this park.

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      Delhi tourist places - delhi India gate

      INDIA GATE a 42-metre high free standing arch designed by Sir Edwin Landseer Luytens was based on February ten 1921 by the Duke of Connaught. The lofty entry of India Gate at the middle of Old Delhi could be a war memorial in-built memory of the Indian troopers Who lost their lives fighting for the British Army in war I.Amar Indian Jyoti, another memorial, added beneath the arch in 1971 is that the nation's tribute to Indian Jawans,who set their lives throughout Indo-Pak War of 1971.The names of the troopers ar inscribed right along the walls of the arch. in the dead of night it glows warmly beneath floodlights, and therefore the gardens that line its avenue ar a well-liked place to fancy a heat summer's evening.

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      Delhi tourist places - delhi connaught place

      Connaught Place is one in all the extremely suggested looking areas in city. you'll be able to begin your day from luxurious malls to any or all high brands showroom that connect with every others with few steps. Connaught Place is legendary for quality cloth/fabric market, here you can also buy there jewellery, books, Indian handcraft things, electronic merchandise and a lot of. Connaught Place is totally full of showrooms, malls, cafe, restaurants, hotels, multiplexers and best place to seek out finest nightclubs in city.

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      Delhi tourist places - delhi national museum

      NATIONAL MUSEUM situated at Janpath, the MUSEUM is home to rare anthropology, historical and cultural artifacts from all over India. It additionally homes a “Maritime Heritage Gallery” originated by the Indian Navy. The museum frequently hosts Traveling exhibitions from alternative countries.


      Delhi tourist places - delhi rashtrapati-bhawan

      The Rashtrapati Bhawan is a illustrious monument in city. it's aforesaid to be the palace of the then Viceroy of India.The Rashtrapati Bhawan is house of the President of India. The building was designed by Edwin Sir Edwin Lutyens. the development began in 1911 and it took 19 years to end its construction. there's an exquisite Mughal garden towards the west of Rashtrapati Bhawan. Rashtrapati Bhawan opens up to public.

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      Delhi tourist places - delhi national agricultural science museum

      NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE MUSEUM Situated in the National Agricultural Science Centre field of ICAR, it's the primary of its kind in the India. A specially designed double story building of 23,000 square ft floor space depicts the development of agriculture in India since ancient time and also the current state-of-the-art technology in agriculture in our country with future prospects.


      Delhi tourist places - delhi sangeet natak akademi museum
      The idea of The Sangeet Natak Akademi Museum is to preserve, promote and defend the theatre and therefore the arts at massive. there's most heritage that completely different components of the country provide to an oversized treasury of the national arts on the complete. One would usually and on marvel what the academy has that is completely different from alternative vernacular centres, well - it provides one a holistic image of the humanities beside transferral many art forms along and giving a way of friendliness to completely different artists, as a social platform to not simply have interaction and learn from one another in, however conjointly to make a fusion of types that reflects on the many productions staged here from time to time.



      Delhi tourist places - delhi chandni chawk

      The Chandni Chowk Chowk area has one the ancient Bazaar in Old Delhi. The market was established by the Mugal emperor Shah Jahan (the one who built the Taj Mahal) and designed by his daughter Jahanara Begum in the 17th century has now transformed itself into a colorful shopping area, which is one of the country’s best known wholesale markets. It fully covered with cycle ,Cars, hand-pulled carts, cycle rickshaws, pedestrians, and animals.


      Delhi tourist places - delhi qutab minar

      The Qutab Minar at 100 metres tall is the second tallest minar or minaret in India, is an incredible example of early Indo–Islamic architecture. The tower is made of red sandstone and marble and is a great looking medieval structure. It was built in 1206, but the reason remains a mystery.The building of the monument was initiated by Qutb-ud-din Aibak (hence the name), the sultan of Delhi and completed by Iltutmish and finally by Firoz Shah Tughlaq in 1368.
      It was designed to celebrate the victory of the Muslim kings over the defeat of the Hindu Rajput warriors. it's said that the stones and pillars were taken from destroyed Hindu temples and was created to serve the aim of calling for prayers to the trustworthy.
      It is another fact of Qutub Minar that it was made to signify victory and the beginning of Muslim rule in India on the other hand some said it was used to call the faithful to prayer.

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      Delhi tourist places - delhi garden of five senses

      The Garden of five Senses is another peaceful place to return to flee the hustle and bustle of the town. However, it's no standard garden. As its name suggests, the Garden of five Senses has been specifically designed to awaken all five senses. The sprawling twenty acre site beckons with a vivacious show of thoughtfully landscape plants and flowers, waterfalls, rocks, unconventional sculptures, murals, ceramic bells, and spiral walkways. The amphitheater often has live music. There are restaurants and bars (check out the groovy zoo at night) to relax in.


      Delhi tourist places - delhi dilli haat

      The Dilli Haat is an open air bazaar for Indian handicrafts and items showing Indian culture, art and heritage.And it is best recommendation you if you buy something from the traditional market of Indian villages. You can see their small thatched roof cottages with the ultimate atmosphere of Indian villages.

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      Delhi tourist places - delhi national gallery of modern art

      It also houses a permanent section of renowned Indian painters and artists and an art reference library. Situated near India Gate, the gallery features works of contemporary artists from India and abroad.


      Delhi tourist places - delhi gurudwara-bangla-sahib

      Gurdwara Bangla Sahib is the most prominent Sikh gurdwara, or Sikh house of worship, in Delhi. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib in New Delhi is worth a view at the occasion of all the gurupurabs and Guru Nanak Jayanti is no exception. A total of nine historical gurdwaras in Delhi. The importance of the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is like Amritsar’s golden temple. It is said that the eighth Sikh master Guru Maharaj Harkishan had rested here.It was the bungalow of Raja Jai Singh.

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      Delhi tourist places - delhi jantar mantar

      JANTAR MANTAR Located on Sansad Marg in Connaught Place, constructions where built by Maharaja Jai Singh of Jaipur in Delhi in the year 1724 for astronomical and astrological purposes ,is dominated by a huge sundial known as the Prince of Dials. He built similar ones in Jaipur, Ujjain, Varanasi and Mathura meant for the compilation of astronomical tables, to predict movements of the sun, the moon and the planets. There are 3 instruments at the one in Delhi. Jantar Mantar of Delhi, is an astronomical observatory with masonry instruments. Jantar Mantar has instruments that can graph the path of the astronomical universe.


      Delhi tourist places - delhi guru tegh bahadur smarak

      Guru Tegh Bahadur Smarak is made on NH1, showcasing a good looking style and best illumination. it's supported a novel conception, wherever Guru Tegh Bahadur has been delineate by the central pylon (fabricated in steel), whereas his 3 disciples are delineate by the 3 semi-arches. Also, ten Sikh Gurus are delineate by the 10 monoliths around this memorial.