Interesting Facts About Delhi

  • Interesting Facts About Delhi

    Delhi,the capital of India, political hub of India, is the main gateway to India. approx all major International flights fly over the Delhi's international airport.The third largest city in India.It is also the center of government in that country and it is the center of the National Capital Territory of Delhi. New Delhi is located in northern India within the metropolis of Delhi and it is one of the nine districts of Delhi.

    Old Delhi

    Historical Place surrounded by a high wall made of we can be reached by seven doors, the south of the Delhi Gate, Ajmeri Gate in the east and north, including the Kashmiri Gate. The narrow streets and alleys between the walls, the labyrinth of busy markets and Indo-Islamic architecture in the country of great samples. Delhi shows the true picture of Indian culture.

    Geography and climate

    The climate of the area is Tropical field. It is too much hot and dry in summer and very cold in winter. The monthly temperatures in January range from 14.3 ° C to 34.5 ° C in June lasts. According to the 1971 WMO annual temperature here is 25.3 degrees Celsius. Here is the typical seasonal effect of the monsoon, which usually lasts from June to October. The annual average rainfall 71.5 mm. Occurs. Most rainfall occurs in July that approximately 211 mm. Northwest winds are generally strong, although in June and July are the south-east winds intensified.

    Society and Culture

    Delhi is not always quiet and secluded place. By nature it is almost similar to adapt to the effects of any kind, whether they, language or culture if anything. Delhi has always attracted people from all over the country, it has become the many cultural groups. However the most effective class of the Punjabis. Delhi's cultural life of the population is affected by the cosmopolitan character of the country and comes from many parts of the world have different backgrounds. Much of it has been adopted by the western culture and the adoption process since independence has increased due to the modern mass media. However, the regional and national interests television helped awareness.


    Delhi has its own regional language, different cultures, different languages of the country as it has adopted. It is generally spoken languages Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and English. Hindi is the main language because most population speaks the language, although bids are different. English is the main language spoken between people, especially among the youth. Due to the Punjabi community Punjabi population is also spoken extensively. Urdu by Muslims in the city also has a special language.

    Delhi's major business centers and commercial areas

    Pragati Maidan -

    Pragati Maidan in Delhi is one of the most popular business centers. The exhibition complex spread over seven acres in area and 22 permanent pavilion 18 Hol. High quality Pragati Maidan hosts many national and international fairs.

    India Expo Centre -

    Expo International Exhibition Center in Delhi India Expo Centre is part of the series. India Expo Centre is one of the popular business centers of Delhi in India is very important exhibitions. Beautiful design, great facilities, technology and service business in the Delhi exhibition, conference, product launch, promotional programs and other special programs, etc. are held.

    Connaught place -

    Connaught place or CP has become synonymous with Delhi. CP can be easily Delhi's busiest area. Whether it be shopping, eating out, cinema, Hall, Gallery, Emporium or service-related work, everything is in place Knaat.

    Nehru Place -

    Nehru Place, Delhi is a major commercial center. It is also the IT hub of Delhi. The hardware and Software is a big market. Nehru Place, you can find them some big companies Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, EDS, American President Lines, Xerox, Singer, Shell Petroleum, Daewoo, Mitsui etc.

    Facts and Figures
    Area 1,483 sq km
    Latitude parallel: 28.38° N
    Longitude meridian: 77.13° E
    Altitude 293 m above sea level
    Total Population of Delhi 1, 38, 50,507
    Male 76, 07,234
    Female 62, 43,273
    Density (Per Sq. km) 9340
    Sex Ratio (per 1000 Males) 821
    Literacy Rate (%) Persons 81.67
    Literacy Rate (%) Males 87.37
    Literacy Rate (%) Female 74.71
    Birth Rate (per 1000) 21.24
    Death Rate (per 1000) 5.81
    Infant Mortality Rate (per 1000) 23.93
    Per Capita Income RS.38864
    Gross Domestic Product 478 billion INR (2005)
    Temperature 45 degree (max), 5 degree (min)
    Time Zone IST (UTC+5:30)
    STD Code 011
    Postal Code 1100xx
    Vehicle Code DL-0xx
    Religion Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Judaism and Baha’i Faith
    Language Hindi, English, Urdu and Punjabi
    Average Temperature 45ºC (Max) — usually in May–Jun, 5ºC (Min) — usually in Dec–Jan
    Desirable Clothes Woollen for winters and light cotton for summers
    Rainfall 1,272 mm
    Monsoon July to mid-September
    Season Extreme climate with very hot summer and very cold winter
    Best time to visit October to March
    World Time GMT +5.5